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Transparent iPhone 4

This has to be one of the coolest iPhone mods we’ve seen. One enterprising user has taken off the front and back glass panels of his iPhone 4 and converted them into clear panels by removing the paint using a … Continue reading

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Apple Hike Prices In UK as VAT increases

With VAT increasing 2.5% in the UK, apple has decided to also move it’s prices up 2.5%. The MacBook Pro 13” and iMac 21.5” now cost £1025. The iPad has been raise by £10.

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Xmas For Another 12 days

Apple’s app 12 days of Xmas is now telling me that there is 1 hour and 48 minutes until the first giveaway. What will be the first item?

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Xmas Is Nearly Here

With just over 2 hours until Xmas , what can we expect for Xmas from jailbreak hackers. Not much ,it seems. No I have nothing else to say so yeah, Happy Christmas.

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